Lately, it seems like the quality of my college life is tied to the quality of my apps.   Every morning I wake up using the alarm on my iPod, and I check the weather app to know what to wear. I also use it to listen music on my way to school, to check my email throughout the day, and to write down reminders for homework.


After talking to some fellow students, it became obvious that using apps to keep our lives balanced and in check was the norm for just about everyone. This isn’t that hard to realize because it seems just about everyone who is walking to class is staring down at a smart phone, texting, reading emails and checking apps as they try to avoid tripping over a squirrel or getting run over by a cyclist.


Apps help everyone get through their day with much more ease as well as much less stress. My personal savior is the UT app, which allows me to check my schedule and building locations for those days when I’m too tired to remember what classes I have that day or what room they’re in.


Among other essentials every student should have are:


MyHomework: Similar to the UT app in that it shows you your schedule, myHomework also lets you track your homework, tests, projects and lessons and will even remind you when your assignments are due. The best part: you can get it on your phone, tablet, and computer.

Dropbox: A lifesaver for the forgetful, Dropbox lets you access any documents, photos and videos you have saved to it from any device as long as you have internet.

iTranslate: This app is one of my favorites because it actually gives accurate translations, for Spanish at least, which is hard to find. It’s great for helping with foreign language classes but also handy when studying abroad.

Graphing calculator: This one is self-explanatory. It has all the capabilities of a scientific calculator; only it’s better because it’s free.

StudyBlue flashcards: Like Quizlet, but much more mobile friendly, this app is great for studying thanks to its easy flashcard-making system.

With 5 new apps popping up every minute it’s easy to get lost in a sea of seemingly indispensible products, a lot of which are actually unnecessary and sometimes just too complicated to use. But these few good apps will make your collegiate life less confusing.


And despite my belief that playing “unblock me” is necessary for survival and crucial for brain strengthening, the apps mentioned above are very helpful to keep you organized and are probably better uses of your megabytes.