December 18, 2014 Vida

Texas Public Policy and Civic Engagement Training Program Convenes

By Valerie Menard

Latinos are now the number one minority in the nation but numbers don’t always translate into power.

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LATINO Magazine will convene the 2014 NO MAS HAMBRE Summit on June 19

By College for Latinos

Nearly one third of all Latinos go hungry, yet many in our community remain unaware of this problem. To address this, LATINO Magazine will convene the third annual NO MAS HAMBRE Summit on June 19 at the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC.

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Join us at the NO MAS HAMBRE Summit on June 19!

By Alfredo Estrada Editor/Publisher, Latino Magazine

Do Latinos suffer from issue fatigue? A recent survey by the Pew Hispanic Center revealed what we care about most is education, jobs, and health care. But what about hunger?

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New Report Explains Why Students Drop Out of School

By Communities in Schools

Communities In Schools (CIS), the nation’s largest organization dedicated to kids in school and helping them succeed in life, today released a national report along with 24 local and state reports, demonstrating the unexpected reasons why kids drop out of school …

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Possibilities for the Future

By Elia Quintana Director of Corporate Relations, LULAC National Educational Service Centers

What does Latino academic achievement look like? Unfortunately, that picture has historically been a bleak one, when our students are compared with other ethnicities.

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Latinos Critical to Improving U.S. Economic and Educational Competitiveness

By Luis Tavel

Many would argue that higher education is the economic issue of our time. Unemployment rates of those who have not earned a college degree

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