July 17, 2019 Vida

A Victory for New Mexico

By Dan Amon

It’s an all-American success story, and the winners are New Mexico, especially its young Latino males, but also the entire country.The main character in this story is Mr. Mucio Yslas, for 33 years state director

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UT Group supports Latino Journalists

By Jaclyn Guzman Latinometro Intern

When I was applying for college, a high school substitute asked what I wanted to study and when I told her she almost exploded out of sheer frustration

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Sisters of The "Oh So Fly" Xi Chapter

Home is Where the Heart Is

By Claudia Chavarria

“Congratulations, Ms. Chavarria. You have been accepted into The University of Texas at Austin,” my heart leaped for joy as I clenched the acceptance letter with excitement.

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first generation college student

What Happens When You’re The First To Go To College

By Cindy Casares

I wasn’t the first in my family to go to college, but my parents were. Because of that, I can tell you exactly how much you will change the course of your family’s history if you decide to be the first one in your family to achieve that goal.

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Picking the Right College, Following the Wrong Path

By Alexandra Landeros

When I faced the decision about which college to attend, it was the fall semester of the 12th grade – I was only sixteen years old. I dreamed of becoming a stage and film actress, so I looked at universities with theater programs.

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paying for college

Paying for the Privilege

By Roberto Ontiveros

College, for a lot of candidates, but especially for the economically downtrodden kind, is an assuring experience; forget about the like-minded Richard Brautigan readers you come across in the quad or those dudes who “get” Spinoza

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