There is a gap in the educational achievement of young Texans in which Hispanic and African-American students continue to lag behind their white counterparts.

The educational disparity often translates into a wage and opportunity divide, according to “Closing the Race Gap: Texas,” a new report by Young Invincibles, a nonpartisan, nonprofit that advocates for adults 18 to 34 years old. And while we’ve made some educational gains in the past 15 years, much remains to be done so Texas can remain economically competitive.

In five years, very few jobs will be available for those with only a high school degree or less, researchers said in the report.

“By the year 2020, up to 65 percent of jobs will require some kind of post-secondary education,” said José Eduardo Sánchez, who co-authored the report with Rebecca Fowler. “And 72 percent of our students will not have that education. … We have to look at how this is going to affect our job market.”

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